Children are my favorite subjects as they portray innocence, purity, and sincere inquisitiveness that is unique to their age. I only pray that as an artist, I may stir the heart of the viewer to a heightened sense of peace and joy.


I’ve always been especially drawn to paint the stories of the pioneers. Remembering what the pioneers endured and how they endured their trials with faith, patience, courage, and perseverance can help each of us as we go through our struggles today.


Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. He is the good shepherd, who if we listen to his call, will lead us back to our Heavenly Father. I have tried to capture His love and compassion He has for all of us.


“I desire to not only paint the physical being but the personality and sense of soul.” Latter-Day Women are full of spirit, energy, and love. They know that they are daughters of God and have a divine purpose.


Painting Joseph Smith the prophet and the other leaders of the LDS church during the period of the restoration is one of my favorite ways to share my testimony. To this day I consider my artwork a way to continue my missionary efforts and share the gospel. 

It is my desire to not only paint the physical being, but the

Personality & Sense of Soul.

Capturing the emotion of the moment

Julie Rogers is an LDS artist that, in the past fifteen years has been painting Latter-Day Saint Church history. In her free time Julie enjoys all types of art, music, animals, horseback riding and spending time with her wonderful family.